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Malad Branch : 022-28824771
Goregaon Branch : 022-2876 5966
Jogeshwari Branch : 022-26770306

24 X 7 Helpline
+022-2876 5966
+022-2879 0355


"What can I say? I was so embarrassed before, and now my smile is great! Dr. Varoon’s care and attention make all the difference. He’s given me my life back. I can’t be more grateful."

Thanks to Dr. Varoon
Mrs.Vimal Kataria

"This new smile has changed my life! I’m so much more confident and willing to make eye contact. It is the most amazing transformation."

Thank you, Dr. Varoon!
Mr. Hardik Agarwal

"The best part of the treatment in Smile Sutra Dental Clinic is that it operates under strict hygiene conditions & all its staff members are eager to answer your questions concerning scheduling of appointments. The treatment was very professional, fast & I was very happy with it."

Thanking you to Dr. Aditi Jain
Mrs. Asita Chitre

"I have been treated by Dr. Disha Jain at Smile Sutra Dental Clinic at Jogeshwari west branch & have absolute painless treatment. I have complete faith in them."
Mr. Srinivasan

"Overall all the treatment was very well attended and it was very comfortable and overall fantastic." Special thanks to Dr. Varoon jain.
T.Suman, Dt: 13/06/2013

"I came to your clinic through friend ref, the doctors treatment is satisfactory and staff cooperation with the patients is good and polite."
M.Rambayamma, Dt:22/06/2013

"I took the treatment in your MALAD clinic and the treatment was very much satisfying for me."
Y.Sonivinoliya, Dt: 24/06/2013

"SMILESUTRA Staff receiving is very nice, treatment is good ,maintanance is also very good , I have been to your Goregaon as well as Malad set up & love the ambience at both the clinics, am fully satisfied witheverything."

"The root canal treatment done by the doctors for me is the very much satisfied in my life I am very much thankful to draditi& the smilesutra staff."
V.Nirmaladevi, Dt: 24/06/2013

"I came to your clinic with pain in my teeth, the treatment and response against the patient by the doctors is very good."
Prakash Mehta

"I came for smile design treatment at your clinic, initially I used to hide my face while smiling but now I can smile freely. Speciall Thanks a lot for the motivation to drvaroonjain& the beautiful me that I never knew existed within me ….." THANX A TON DR VAROON !!!
Kiran Srivastav

"Since my first contact with the office to set up an appointment, everyone has been incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I have never felt like I was taking up too much of their time. The dentist is very thorough and explains everything. I'm so glad I found SMILESUTRA !!"
Aditi Rao

"I just want to say thank you for my "smile makeover". I really appreciate all your excellent work that you performed on my teeth. Now I am extremely happy with my veneers, and you did a great job on bleaching. I was put totally at ease and relaxed throughout the treatment. "Most of us avoid the dentist as much as possible. I was no different. Thankfully full team at SMILESUTRA has changed me for life. Now I am not scared of the dentist anymore!"
Shalaka Sen

"Thank you for straightening my teeth. They look excellent now. I wasn't sure how the process would go, since I am an adult, but everything has turned out wonderfully. Especially noteworthy is your patience; you took the extra time and care to get my teeth right.

Your work is outstanding and superior. Your friendly smiles and warm greetings have made the office visits a joy. If I hear of anyone in the area looking for such treatment, I will certainly put in a good word for you."
Ramesh Kutty

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